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Scrubing Fundraiser is How Gamers Are Changing the Narrative

Gaming has Changed

Gaming communities have long held a negative connotation in mainstream media. When people hear about why people are gaming it’s assumed they are shut-ins, lazy, etc. And that’s an unfortunate lie. While this false belief of gaming has waning in recent years, people don’t realize what kind of good can be done through gaming. Gamers are a community built around a love of an interactive form of media wholly unique to itself. Whether it’s people who play games casually, competitively, or are a part of the commentary community, gamers are always able to come together.

Gaming for a Good Cause

With the recent tragedies in Las Vegas and Puerto Rico, people across the world have come together to help them. And that includes gaming communities. One of these streamers is someone quite familiar with Slickster Magazine. Our own Parallax Stella, a featured streamer on both Girl of the Week, and Small Streams Big Dreams was fundraising for those tragedies with Titanfall 2. Markiplier, a prominent YouTuber, has raised hundreds of thousands of dollars through charity streams. These are all instances where people can come together for a common cause, and try to make the world a better place. And that’s the beauty of charity events and streams. It’s people already doing what they love to make a positive change in the world.

Scrubing and his Cause

Charity streams are a wonderful thing, they combine a love for gaming with humanitarian efforts. And one such example that we are going to talk about todayscrubing logo is with a wonderful streamer on Twitch. That streamer is known as Scrubing. If you’ve never been acquainted with the young Chicago streamer, he’s a delightfully pleasant fellow who streams a multitude of games. Not only is he extremely affable with viewers, he’s also a very entertaining player as well. His remarks are off the cuff and honest, without that forced feeling that plagues so many YouTubers and streamers.

The community that he has built is extremely kind and blocks that toxicity that tends to permeate on Twitch. Unfortunately, he and his family have faced personal tragedy. Thanks to the disgusting and selfish actions by somebody else, she struggles to afford her medical fees, and work so many hours she has to choose whether she sees her family or works even more.

This is the kind of personal tragedy that could devastate anybody. Seeing someone’s own mother breakdown because of the heinous actions of another is a nightmare for anyone. However, instead of taking his own negative emotions, Scrubing has called upon the Gaming Community for help not for himself but for a woman who has “always put her kids first” and he wants to make sure that “it’s time one of her kids put her first.”

Help Support Scrubing

Scrubing is a wonderful guy and someone who is an absolute pleasure to watch. When so many people are trying to put on a character two-seam entertain, he presents himself and does so in an entertaining and endearing way. You can tell that you really are just making a friend when you watch him. So I ask you, to visit the crowdfunding page to help his mother. Gaming isn’t just gaming anymore. It’s a collection of like-minded individuals who are using their passions to push the world forward.

Please consider supporting his cause by clicking this link: Even if you decide not to donate, consider sharing the effort on social media.

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