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Secret World Legends Launches This June

Funcom’s The Secret World gets a reboot on June 26th

Back in 2012, Norwegian developer Funcom partnered with Electronic Arts to release The Secret World. Centered around conspiracies, horror, and legends in a contemporary game world, Funcom managed to bring something new to the MMO genre. While the game was met with positive reception in regards to its setting and quest design The Secret World ultimately performed below expectations, partially due to launching so closely to other anticipated titles. Near the end of 2012 Funcom removed the subscription requirement from the game, which brought a significant increase in players.

The Secret World: Legends

Secret World
Funcom moves away from buy-to-play to fully free-to-play with the reboot of their MMO.

In March of this year, Funcom announced that they were relaunching The Secret World as Secret World Legends. Scott Junior, the Executive Producer, explainsthat “One of our biggest goals in relaunching the game has been to reimagine the core gamplay experience in a way befitting a modern-day action RPG”. This includes redesigning the combat system, enhanced visuals, and an improvement to the structure of the early game for new players. With the continued rise in popularity for more action-driven combat in MMOs and new games in development, we’ve seen existing titles change business models or adjust aspects of the game in an attempt to appeal to a larger audience.

Funcom’s Plans and Expectations

Secret World Legends plans to relaunch with the original eight playfields, scenarios, and dungeons, with Tokyo, Nightmare Dungeons, and other content currently live in The Secret World following some time after the relaunch. Funcom also has plans to create all new content exclusively for the relaunched title in the future. Like many Free-to-Play titles, these content updates will be provided to players for free.  A variety of in-game items will be available for Aurum, the game’s premium currency, as well as an optional subscription through the Patron Bonus System.

Secret World
Over 100 hours of content found in The Secret World will be available for free in Secret World Legends.

Secret World Legends requires players to create new characters, as the changes to itemization and progression prevents existing players from transferring character data. Players of The Secret World will be able to link their accounts over to the new title, however, and transfer over membership and some vanity items, as well as convert existing Funcom Points over to Aurum. Character data and items not transferable will still exist in The Secret World, and Funcom is planning to continue keeping those servers online for players.

More of what Funcom has in store for the launch can be found on the official site. Users that wish to play exclusively through Steam, however, will have to wait until July. This might to avoid the relaunch being overshadowed by the release of Black Desert Online onto the platform later this month, as well as updates to popular games early June. Ultimately, Funcom hopes the new design will improve the overall player experience.

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