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Dream it. Do it.

Do you have a dream?

By: Brodie Mathias. The days come and go. The nights are here and gone. Coasting through life without a destination can seem futile, leaving you without a map to where you’re going. This can cause many individuals to feel quite literally “lost” in their life. Not a feeling I, or anyone else, would want to feel. Let’s make sure you avoid that dreaded feeling!

Set goals! What is your dream life? What do you wish to acquire? Who do you want to be or become? How do you wish to feel about your life?

Setting goals that you are passionate about will help give you the determination and the desire to persistently pursue your dreams. Once you truly understand what your dreams and goals are, you will be more motivated in your life to get where you desire to be. It’s much simpler to get from your house to where you’re going if you have a destination in mind. Without a destination you are theoretically wandering around aimlessly. Would you rather; wander around blind, hoping to stumble upon your goals eventually. Or actually head straight towards your destination with a mapped out route to success? The answer is simple. You may already be wandering blindly and taking notice of how inefficient that technique is. Time to cue up the GPS and enter your destination.

Setting goals, speed bump sign

Prepare for the Road Ahead

Sometimes you find yourself merely a few turns away from your destination. However, the odds are that your destination is a road trip away. If you have taken any road trips, you have likely experienced that there can be unforeseen problems on your way to your destination. The road to your dreams is no different. You will more than likely encounter a multitude of speed bumps, traffic jams, construction, and other drivers. These roads are not empty.

Speed Bumps — You may experience these the most. These can be any obstacle, small to average, that you have to get over on your way. Speed bumps come in various shapes and sizes.

Traffic Jams — More than likely, you are not the only one trying to get where you are going. Certain areas of expertise have an overload of people trying to also achieve what you may desire to achieve. This is known as a saturated or over-saturated market. The market equivalent to rush hour traffic in New York City.

Construction — During road trips you usually expect at least some construction along the way. From closed exits, slowed traffic, extra speed bumps, and so on. Occasionally you must re-route to find the correct or new route.

You are able to overcome them ALL!

When you know where you have to go, it doesn’t matter how many speed bumps, traffic jams, or construction you encounter. You WILL get to your destination. Setting goals that you are deeply passionate about guarantee that you will be persistent along the way and will not change your destination to an easier location. Taking the easy route could leave you feeling unfulfilled after arrival.

Tony Robbins refers to unfulfilled accomplishments as “Technically screwed“. Doing all that work and taking the time to travel down your dream road just to detour and finish unfulfilled at the wrong destination, is NOT recommended. If you are in Florida moving to California but detour to Ohio because it is closer or less people are traveling there, you may find yourself deeply hating and regretting the snow in Ohio when you really wanted the hot weather and beaches that California has to offer.

Please sit down now and take the time to physically write down where exactly, and how exactly, you would truly desire your life to be down the road. Write out your top goals that you MUST have in your future. From there, study those goals daily and only take actions that benefit the travel towards your goals. Do not drive backwards! Once you know where you are going you should know to only do things to benefit your travel there.

Our goal is to get you to your goal as fast as possible doing it the correct way!

Much Love,

~ BM

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