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Shared Universe or Bust With The Best Intentions



The hope, as a fan of comics, or entertainment, is all the key elements exist for a series of films to have a decent exchange and create a solid shared universe. A shared universe, based on Audiopedia’s definition, is where a series of writers, and artists, contribute to a group of independent works that all connect as part of one massive story line.

This means you have a Dracula movie. They make other movies, that share a universe, with Wolfman, Frankenstein, and other creatures of the deep dark. Movie makers create films with all of the different characters as separate movies, but with connections to each other. They then, for example, take Dracula and put him, or any monsters, in any combination of movies where the creatures all come together in one movie, or two, three or more characters share other movies. Through it all, you have characters that are a part of one huge story line, and shared universe. Marvel offers a better representation.

I see Marvel’s films, the epitome of all films of this kind, and in my opinion, believe this series of movies will share a middle ground for anyone who watches them. It starts with Iron Man, extends as far as Captain America: Civil War and will go beyond Avengers: Infinity War.

It is, and will be, a complete and decent universe of movies. If you visit Den of Geek, in an article by Rob Leane, there is the possibility of more films from other companies, not just from Marvel, that create a shared universe.

The hope is these films come with the best intentions and deliver from the soul of the source material, from start to finish. It seems many film companies plan to start their own shared universes. Universal Films, based on Leane’s article, plans to bring classic movie monsters to a shared universe. It can exist. It has a right way. However, that means going through it fully, no matter the outcome. The idea of a reboot, based on English Oxford Living Dictionaries definition, has to die, for a little while. If they mess up the universe, hopefully, there is no restart. You just build to the best end possible.

For example, Dracula Untold exists. In some sense, it acts as the origin of this series of films. In a room somewhere, a group people might have to decide if a new Dracula should exist, if they should use the current material to drive the rest of these films, or create some amalgamation that designs an entirely new purpose for the king of all nightmares. They could look to create two Dracula creatures, based on the past, and one on a new idea in a movie.  This creates a dynamic of a creature that battles itself in order to become something new and define a universe. Continue to build the universe with other material  like 2017’s The Mummy. Whatever you do, continue to see the universe complete and see it done well.

      Detective Comics has a similar course. A set of films currently exist to create a universe. However, some do not share the same ideas about their design. Regardless, why not continue the course in order to be better. Use the source material, call to some past films, and create a piece that resembles a universe of films. In Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, there are complaints that the Guardian’s Dave Schilling, and others validly indicate. They could keep it going to drive toward the comic book idea. Make Superman light. Help him find the concept of Boy Scout ethics and wholesomeness from a darker start. Alexander Luthor can have an exchange and possible battle with his past in order to become the villain more people can recognize. Batman can become the detective and build from a monstrous start for his character in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. Create solid story lines and move forward.

A Suicide Squad can understand why they exist. One, of many things, that did not happen in that movie is a discussion on how that group of people would contain, or kill a Superman. The characters in the movie and even fans of the movie have to understand why the Suicide Squad is valid.  Find that and build their real purpose, with help from the comics. Connect it all to other Detective Comics’ cinematic properties, with the best intentions, and you look to complete another universe.

In other universes in Leane’s article, Ghostbusters can find a way but might not necessarily have to forget the past but draw from it. Star Wars simply has to look to the past, without too much extended universe material input, and build their future even better. The idea is to keep it all going, but mold this material to develop a new source material people can get behind.

This summer and going forward I hope everyone enjoys these universe-building pieces. The hope is the creators do their best to see a vision for themselves and the fans.


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