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Shaw Marksman interview


Written by Louie Grand, July 1, 2016, at 6:07 a.m. Tweet to: @CompanyXBeats

For this week, I’ve decided to undergo more networking with the artists.  It is interesting to observe, how complete strangers with one unique goal of making it “big,” undergo the trials and tribulations of real life fighting for their “dreams.” I added quotes because some of these artists, and some readers (possibly you), think that this dream is made solely off great music, but it’s more than just having great music in the music business.

This week, Shaw Marksman talks to me about who he is and how he got started in music. We talk about his recordings as well as breaking down some slightly confusing lyrics. If you’re lyrically savvy, I recommend trying to break down the bars BEFORE he explains them. We conclude with a in-depth overview of more bodies of work he has produced.

Interview with Shaw Marksman

Louie Grand: At what point in life did you tell yourself, “I want to do music?”

Shaw Marksman: It was actually in 4th grade.  After my older sister played me a Lil Wayne song on the radio, I knew at that point I wanted to be a musician.

Side opinion. Quick thoughts on his recent situation involving his emergency plane landing?  

It had me shocked. Although I’ve heard about him having health problems in the past, nothing compared to an emergency plane landing.

Second one I’ve heard about in the last 5 years I think man. Looking through your catalog I’ve seen your record “Million.” You self produced that beat?

Yep. I produced the whole song. Mixed, mastered; made the beat and did the vocals.

Came out nice, and from a producing point of view, the beat was dope too. We’ll definitely include the link to that joint.

I got to ask you to break down a bar for me, that cool?

“Wrong left me right with right hand I left.”

It means lyrics. When I wrote that bar I was not in my normal zone for making music, but I went along and wrote anyways. “Wrong” being the mindset and “right” being how it turned out, and the right hand I left is finishing the piece of work.

Alright I see how that works.  It just sounded a little unclear at first listening. But, I do got some dap for you for your records “That Just Occurred,” “Palm Trees,” and “My Show.” All of these tracks feel different than the others, in a great way. Your voice sounds like your talking to the beat and your projecting a message.  Would that be a fair assumption? Also can you elaborate really fast if there’s anything we should know about these?

Thank you, fam. That means a lot to me. All the support I get from friends, fans, and family really means a lot. Those three tracks definitely have a different feel. “Palm trees” remix is of the Flatbush Zombies who are an underground rap group. I was going for the whole feel they have with all of their music. “That Just Occurred” was more of a lyrical song. Shooting for an Eminem sort of flow on the one and lastly “My Show” was shot to be like the Speaker Knockerz, Keving Gates along with the whole ATL rap style.

I enjoyed these,  I’m  sure the people would love to form their own opinions on your records. Any last words before we wrap up? And shout outs?

Eh, got to shout-out a couple homies. Got to give a big shout out to NIKATINE Da King of Nht Boyz for working with me on new music “Turn Up,” Big Omeezy for working on “Drunk,” and all the other musicians I’ve collaborated with. I have to give a big shout out also to [Louie Grand] for mixing my songs to industry quality. Lastly, I’d like to thank all my supporters of my music for sticking with me since the beginning of my career.

Nice plug right there (laughs), and I’m sure we’ll be hearing more of your work, and hopefully we can have another one on one in the future. Thanks you so much for your time, and on behalf of and, we want to thank you, and best of luck.

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