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Cavaliers simply outmatched in the Finals

Lebron James NBA finals

Written by Dominic Wright, June 7, 2016, at 10:31 p.m.

With the NBA playoffs coming to an end the next step is the toughest game of the season for two teams. Both teams, Cleveland Cavaliers, and the Golden State Warriors are on the biggest stage, the NBA Finals.

Cavaliers Outmatched in the Finals

The Golden State Warriors had a historic season as they rewrote NBA history constantly as they received the best record of the regular season, shattering the 1996 Chicago Bulls 72 win season. The Cleveland Cavaliers have faced a luxury throughout the playoffs starting out 11-0.

It seems as if the King LeBron James and the Cavs are being outmatched by Steph Curry and the Warriors. Now that these top notch teams are on the biggest stage what has the outcome been so far?

With the second game of the series Golden State has taken a 2-0 lead over the Cavaliers. The first game the Warriors defeated the Cavaliers 89-104. LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers were defeated last year in the NBA finals to the Stephen Curry lead Warriors.

People have been putting down the Cleveland Cavaliers after game two when they were blown out Sunday night 77-110. This has been a record-setting year for the Golden State Warriors and in order to top off their amazing year, they are looking forward to winning an NBA championship trophy over a healthy Cavaliers team.

Last year people gave the excuse that LeBron lost because he played by himself during the entire finals against Golden State being that Kyrie Irving and Kevin Love went down with an injury. Now with a healthier Cavaliers team what is the excuse now?

Is Golden State just that good where they are outmatching the King and his men? The stats from game two on Sunday night were outrageous, LeBron has filled up every stat line for the Cavaliers as the Warriors had a different player in every category.

What has been the difference between the NBA eastern conference and the western conference playoff picture? It seems as if the players on the west coast actually plays defense. The Cavs had the eastern conference handed to them in the playoffs being that they had an 11-0 start.

Sweeping young teams with players who have hardly any experience in the playoffs is easy. The King and the Cavs were making their shots and playing good defense against teams who looked confused on the court. Now they are facing the Golden State Warriors in what is sought to be a sweep for the Warriors in the finals.

Can the King LeBron James bring back his team to make the series 2-1? Or will the Stephen Curry lead Warriors look to knock the king off of his throne once again on the biggest stage of the NBA? Game three will be played at the home of the Cavaliers hopefully, they could get support and help from the fans at home.


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