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Required Listening: Spotlights – Seismic

I just recently saw the band Spotlights live on tour opening for The Melvins. The husband-wife duo of Mario and Sarah Quintero, from Brooklyn, New York are as brutal and as beautiful as the sea. Their waves of grinding majesty hit home and are coupled with a blanket of sound that is more calming than catastrophic.

The band’s newest record Seismic (out October 6th on Ipecac Records) is a yin and yang of intense power chords, coupled with ambient shallow tones, and at-times, unintelligible vocals that add an element of cosmic bliss to the structure. Produced by ISIS (band) master,  Aaron Harris, The 11 song storm of a record does not have a low point. Lead song “Seismic” is Earth shattering with a bell arpeggio that is just enough to take the edge off. “Learn to Breathe” is a driving, machine-like, piston-precision bastard. “The Size of a Planet” literally sounds like the size of a planet, with deep undertones and reverb-heavy high end building to the mountaintop. “The Opening” is a dreamy, shoegaze tractor that slow burns until the end. “Hollow Bones” builds from a tight, synth beat to a, chaos inducing malaise.

The record ends with a beautiful echo of natural sounds in “The Hope of a Storm” that provides what sounds like a recording of a quiet, summer rainstorm. This perfectly bookends the journey of Seismic from a panic-inducing crunch to the anxious, relaxation of the rainstorm. It’s either the warm comfort of your bed, or a papercut on the webbing of your fingers. Whatever you need, you can find it on Seismic.

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