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Talking with Up and Coming Brooklyn Artist Ju$$-B

I recently had the opportunity to speak with an up and coming Brooklyn born artist Ju$$-B, who discussed his influences, style, and plans for the future with Slickster Magazine. Ju$$-B hopes to set himself apart from the rest of the pack and make a real impact on the musical world, and so, without further adieu, let’s see what he has to say:

What attracts you to a career in music?
I took a liking to creating music when I first saw my brother perform live and wanted that energy for myself

How old were you when you realized this is what you wanted to do?
I’ve been writing poems and since I was nine years old

Ju$$-B performing live in Brooklyn

Who are some of your biggest influences?

My brother was my biggest influence most people would say someone that was in the industry but to me my older brother Glen Aka Gramz Grizzle was the biggest influence in my music career
How would you describe your musical style?

My musical style isn’t really a style I speak what I know and feel and what makes me feel good. So I share it with the world the good the bad and the ugly no matter anyone’s opinion on it

What do you think separates you the most from all the other artists looking to break out today?
I don’t settle for the sound that’s suppose to be popular in a sense I just make what I think is hot to me and if I’m doing it my way then I feel that people who acknowledge good music would appreciate my work

If you could collaborate tomorrow with anyone in the world, who would it be and why?
Everyone who knows me knows J. Cole is my artist to watch and R&B wise I’m a huge fan of Chris Brown I respect his path so it would have to be them two. That would be a track for the record books

How have you been getting your music out there to the people? Has it been difficult to connect with a wide fanbase?
Music is very unpredictable cause now that it’s not as many street teams like how it was back in the day, the internet is basically the main tool for being heard. So I have my latest project titled “OneNine” on Available for purchase/Streaming on Every top musical platform (AppleMusic Tidal Google Play etc)

Have you found it difficult to manage your musical career with your other obligations?
At times it can be very, very stressful. I mean VERY stressful. When I feel stagnant in my musical career I just think back on how far I’ve came and where I’m trying to go and the things I’m trying to obtain and I just thank god for the gift of words given to me and I keep pushing to achieve that main goal.

Working hard in the studio with Ascot Music Group

What has been your biggest performance to date? Can you tell us a bit about it?
Oh this year my first show of 2017 was at the famous SOB’s in the city and I had over 80 people in attendance just for me and my team AMG (AscotMusicGroup)

What can we expect from you in the future?
I’m working on a few other things. July 11th I’ll be performing at club pyramid for a shade45 showcase winner will be interviewed by SWAY on Shade45 SwayUniverse as well as a freestyle. Then from the 12th-16th I’ll be in LA shooting a visual with a well known videographer by the name of “RedSydneyFilms”. Also my label mate EuroFlo and I are working on our “BAM2” project (ByAnyMeans) and me and another artist by the name of “IVL” are working on a mixtape titled “Mixed Emotions” and my label mate EuroFlo dropping his project later this year titled “God Don’t Like Ugly”. Just trying to continue to push the envelope

Is there anything you might wanna say to your fans out there that we didn’t get to tonight?
Never fall into the traps of people trying to divert you from what you started and always remember the reason you started something, cause those things will be the motivation you’ll need to continue and finish your task and make it to where you would like to be no matter the career choice.


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