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Youtube Update: Tenants Season 2

Tenants Season 2

Written by Josh Brewer, April 18, 2017, at 3:30 p.m. Tweet to: @theJWBrewer

Tenants Season 2Tenants Season 2 Launches!

We here at Slickster just wanted to pass on an update about the dudes over at Forever Summer Productions. We got to sit down with them last December and chat about their work on Youtube where they mentioned that they were planning some follow up work. Well, speak of the devil because their hilarious web series has launched its second season, with new episodes updating every Tuesday.

Tenants Season 2 picks up right were Season 1 left off and finds Spencer and Blake trying to find their way back to their homestead, with their friends following closely behind. Tenants Season 2 is certainly more ambitious than Season 1, and the series grows accordingly.

As expected, the dialogue is super tight, but Tenants Season 2 really steps up some of what they’re trying to pull off in the windy city. They also have Tenants Season 2plenty of opportunities to build in all kinds of visual gags and tricks. They’ve also increased the scope of the series. While the first year was tightly confined to a few key locations, Season 2 sees the crew in a variety of locations all over the Windy City. But Tenants doesn’t lose its heart. This puppy is still focused on the groovy guys in the apartment and the messes they get themselves into.

They’ve got three episodes up now, with more being added every Tuesday. Give them a check as Episode 4 launches today!

If you’re looking to check them out, here their links are below!


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