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The future of tomorrow that can still be

Concept of Innovation, Future Change, Revolution

By Gage Allen, March 12, 2016, 8:00 a.m., Tweet to: @lotims


Long before the dawn of technology, our minds looked to the future. We yearned the potential, the possibilities, and the beauty. We as human beings have always strived to push the status quo, regardless of how impossible those around us feel it is. It’s the breaking point between innovation, and the lose of truth in who we are. Innovation is part of our DNA, it’s in our blood, it’s who we are as a species.

We advance and move forward in the world today by building the bridge to get us there using the tools that we have been given: our mind, our passion, and our determination. These three factors determine the truth and elegancy of invention, inspiration, and revolution. Yet, we still to this day many remain skeptical of those who are choosing to innovate and revolutionize the world around us. Many of us may seem scared, but how do you convince those who don’t understand the change? How do you help them adjust?

Innovation, Change

It starts by ensuring the vision of those who are changing the industry spectrum is shown in a way that makes sense. The problem with that? Its hard for people to understand something that they’ve never seen before. If Thomas Edison were to try and explain to the populace his concept of a light bulb before he was able to create it, they’d look at him like he had gone off the deep end. Why? Because they did not understand what he was seeing in his mind.

This can be very frustrating for those who are inventing something, or innovating a technology, or creating a product. If it’s unique beyond recognition, then it becomes increasingly difficult to convince others of its usefulness. People don’t know about what they haven’t seen, so they imagine they are fine without it. Two decades ago, if you were to tell people that phones would be mobilized to the point they had Star Trek-esque technology with touch based interaction, 64-Bit chips, 64GB of space, and more technological advances than were done when we landed on the moon. They’d look at you like you were a 12-year-old spouting nonsense.

Someone once said, “Those who are crazy enough to think they can change the world, are the ones who actually do.”

Post-Apocalyptic, End of Days, Lack of Innovation

However, our vision of the future has changed itself. Twenty years ago we saw a futuristic utopia with flying cars, towering skyscrapers, and cyborgs living among us. Now? We see the end of everything. Post-apocalyptic worlds, nuclear disaster, all-out war… Instead of looking forward to a brighter future, our world is living in fear.

Not a substantially loud fear, but that of quiet cautiousness, where we look over our heads, worried we may see some sort of disaster heading straight for us; a meteor, a solar flare, a nuclear war… Natural or man-made, we cannot deny the fear that runs rampant in our world today. I’ve felt it, and I know you have too. We all have. So then what happened to the bright Jetsons future? Why have we stopped imagining a future with light to imagine a future with death?

Innovation, Status Quo, Challenge

It’s because civil strife, lack of innovation, and corrupt human dynamics have jaded the generations of today. More people are concerned about security rather than creation. Where does that leave those of us who create to progress the human race? Those of us who imagine new worlds of limitless possibilities?

We can’t ignore stimulating a world where the vision of change can be accomplished, especially when that vision may very well be the future we are all looking for. The future that we have wanted for centuries. The future that allows us to grow together as the human race is propelled into worlds unknown of cataclysmic change. Positive change. Change that we need. Change that we want.

That’s the world we have worked hundreds of years for. It’s a world for all of us, no matter where we are or what civil borders separate us. We’ve worked too hard to forget why we are here and what catapulted us here. To forget how many of us dared challenge the status quo to give us a chance at a future of innovation and invention.

To explore the worlds beyond our own. To venture into deep space. To learn about the laws of the universe around us. To create technology that propels intellectual thought and emotional persistence. To reach for the stars and never give up on our farthest ambitions. It’s the change of pure serenity. The change that gives us hope and allows us to accomplish wonders far beyond that on Earth. We have to enable those who dare challenge the way things are, in order to invent a future and vision that we can all prosper from.

It’s the future of those who believe in doing the impossible; It’s how we’ve defined ourselves. Accomplishing the near unbelievable. It’s our legacy to preserve where none have before. It’s our identity.

Let us honor that legacy by not saying how someone will change the impossible, but when.

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