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Fliznax’s guide to Tom Clancy’s The Division


Tom Clancy's The Division

Written by John Ramsey, April 11, 2016, at 9:30 p.m.

Guide to Tom Clancy’s The Division

The beginning cinematic in The Division is quite possibly the scariest most plausible story line I have seen so far. I watched it and was like, “What the hell just happened to me? I can’t unsee that!”

The First Few Hours

After starting the game, you are pushed through a quick tutorial which isn’t much of anything. From there, you can move through the levels relatively quickly. Just doing the main missions you can get to about level 25 in a few hours after that you can just do a few side quests here and there to finish off your levels. It’s best however, to also take into account the progress in your base of operations. There are three wings to the base of operations located in the Post Office there is the tech wing, the security wing and the medical wing. Finishing them is important for the difference between having and not having it is a multitude of skills and abilities.

The Division screenshot 1

Getting to level 30 which is the max level is really only the beginning of the game though, from there you have to strive to be better than anyone else. My personal recommendation is to at least have the majority of your gear to be high-end before even thinking about entering the Dark Zone. Its best if you can make a friend or three to run with in the things you do. Personally, I recommend finding a mission that you can do better than the others on challenging mode. At the end of most challenging missions you usually get at least one piece of high-end gear.


Once you get to this point its pretty much just a gear grab trying to get everything you possibly can as fast as you can so you can actually survive easy enough to start trying to get the gear you want for the type of player you want to be. Some people, like my brother they are more interested in the tech abilities you can have so they beef up their tech points. Others, just want to be glass cannons so they go for every firearms increase they can find. Then there are people like me. My character is a brick shit house mostly stamina and a little bit firearms to boost my weapon damage up a bit.

Now then, so far you have probably been selling all the gear that you don’t want. EHHH, wrong.  Between the ability to get credits from head shots and finishing missions you will get all the credits you need so you want to deconstruct all your extra garbage so that you can use it for crafting which brings me to my next point. As you complete challenging missions you will earn phoenix credits which you can use to buy weapons, gear and blueprints and I am not the only one who thinks this, buying blueprints is the way to go because you can keep making it until you get what you want and getting better items. For instance, I made high-end magazines for my weapons until I got exactly what I was looking for.

The Division screenshot 2


All that’s left now is to decide what skills best match up with how you want your character to be like for me I run a med-kit with the ammo mod so that I can rain as much lead down range as possible without worrying about how running out of ammo in the beginning of the mission.

My secondary skill changes depending on the situation sometimes I run flash bang mod, so that I can burn down a single target. Sometimes, I run a ballistic shield when I have to survive quite a few enemies. Though, really it all depends on how you want to play and how you want your character to be. Still though there are three signature abilities. Defense, attack and healing. I switch between healing and defense but, I really don’t see a point in using the attack signature ever.

If you have a hard time getting through anything, plug your mic in and join match making ask questions. Make sure to make an effort to pay attention to what the more seasoned players are doing. Some of them, like myself know exactly where to go and what to do to get through the mission as fast and proficient as possible which means the most high-end gear in the least amount of time.

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