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Tommy ’86 talks bout his new album, Transhumanism

11/16/2016 –  Tommy ’86 releases Transhumanism.

Every one knows that Darth Vadar is the a Jedi Knight from the Darkside, and The Lord of the Sith.  But do you know who the Lord of the DarkSynth is? That would be French musician and programmer, Tommy ’86. (*Full bio below.) Most everyone knows of his work, and his newest album, Transhumanism, dropped two weeks ago.  Released on Finnish record label, Blood Music, Transhumanism has been blaring around Slickster Magazine HQ.

We asked Tommy ’86, “What does this album mean, or symbolize, to you?”

Transhumanism is so far my favorite album I have ever made. For my third album, I wanted to have a good concept with a good story in the pure tradition of cyberpunk. The main theme is about artificial intelligence, which is something we start to find everywhere, and I wanted to transpose everything into something much darker. And the concept worked very well, because Transhumanism is my best-selling album of all time! I can thank Blood Music for that!

He also commented on working with another dark synth guru, Dan Terminus, saying:

Dan Terminus is a very talented and cool guy. He really did a great job on Sequantial Slavery. And we had lot of fun too. When he sent me his work for “Sequential Slavery”, I had a big laugh when I read the filenames! Today, I’m still laughing! I hope we will have the opportunity to collaborate on new tracks in the future.

Finally, we asked about any upcoming shows for Tommy ’86. However, fans will have to wait, as he is back underground working on more music. There are no new shows planned at this time.

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TOMMY ’86 is a French electronic musician, influenced by the 1980s.

Active since 2011, the retrosynth scene quickly took notice of TOMMY ’86 for his high-quality, pulsating, Italo disco sounds. He has released several albums and EPs, dusting off the prototypical production styles of the ’80s blended together with a modern touch. TOMMY ’86 has also collaborated with PERTURBATOR on his “Sexualizer” EP and with DAN TERMINUS on his album “Stratospheric Cannon Symphony.”

Growing up with the sounds of the ’90s (in particular Daft Punk), TOMMY ’86 later discovered the musical universe of the 1980s through his parents’ vinyl and cassette tape collections. His electronic inspirations suddenly expanded to a wide berth – from Jean-Michel Jarre to Daft Punk, from College to Kraftwerk, from Lifelike to Phoenix.

After his latest EP, TOMMY ’86 experimented with distortion to see where it would take him. And, the experimentation took on a life of its own, leading him to lands far beyond any of his previous works. Surpassing all clones within the quickly rising darksynth scene, he has churned out one of the best darksynth entries to date – “Transhumanism.” With his album, TOMMY ’86 unveils a new side of himself that enchants and surprises at every turn.

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