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Slickster’s Top 10 favorite San Diego Comic-Con 2016 announcements

July 26, 2016, at 1:43 p.m.

Like birds that fly South for the winter, fans of science fiction, action, and fantasy eagerly await the annual San Diego Comic-Con every summer. For all of you not lucky enough to attend the convention, or have been living under a shell, your friends here at Slickster Magazine have compiled a special Top 10 of our favorite announcements!

Top 10 Favorite San Diego Comic-Con 2016 Announcements

10. Justice League Trailer


Holy Correction Course, Batman! While Batman vs Superman made nearly $900 million, it was critically divisive. Fans and critics alike were unhappy with the film’s overwhelmingly bleak and gloomy tone. With its snarky Batman, booze-chugging Aquaman, and geeky Flash, Justice League appears to be the fun comic book romp that fans wanted from the very beginning.

9. Wonder Woman Trailer


I’m still nervous about how this film is going to turn out. For me the trailer was uneven, mixing up elements of ancient Greek mythology and World War I. I am a huge fan of the Wonder Woman animated film that came out a few years ago. As for me it is going to be tough to top that already very crisp presentation. However, I am looking forward to being blown away.

8. Netflix Original Luke Cage

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Premiering on Friday September 30, 2016, this is the Netflix Series I’ve been eagerly anticipating this year. In the past decade, Luke has gone from being a joke throw-away character from the 1970s to one of the most popular figures in the Marvel Universe. I’m hoping the mix of urban hip hop and super heroics continues the success of the Marvel Universe on Netflix.

7. Netflix Original Iron First


At long last Danny Rand, Luke Cage’s partner in his Hero for Hire business finally gets his small screen debut. I feel that elements of Danny’s story have already been sprinkled into Daredevil seasons one and two, let’s see if I’m right. With the show set to debut sometime in 2017, I’m looking forward to this series. Hopefully an eventual team up with Luke Cage. I’m hopeful that if both series are successful we will eventually be awarded with a proper Hero for Hire movie or series.

6. Netflix Original The Defenders


Rounding out the Netflix Marvel Universe is the long awaited, long promised Defenders. While there are scant details on this miniseries, the teaser trailer was just what the doctor ordered.

5. Ghost Rider on Agents of Shield


I’ve been a huge Agents of Shield fan for the past several seasons. However, I am not a fan of the Inhumans. I was completely bored by last year’s Inhumans subplot and just couldn’t wait for it to be over and done with. Also the increasing focus on Daisy and Coulson’s relationship was off kilter and a snooze fest that put me to sleep. I just want the show to go back to being a good old spy and espionage series. But having Ghost Rider pop up for a few episodes should be a fun treat.

4. Star Trek Discovery

On Trek’s 50th, anniversary it returns to where it shines best on the small screen. Set to debut on CBS All Access and Netflix in January 2017, this Brian Fuller-led series will be set in the Prime Universe during a yet unspecified time period. As with the final season of Deep Space 9, this first season will be one long story told over 13 episodes. Little details have been given beyond the teaser trailer, but I’m sure this series is going to be FIRE!

3. The Flash Season Three on the CW

1909275-wraparoundflsp1varsdccexcluIf you haven’t gotten on board with the Flash yet, season three is the perfect jumping on point. It’s the frigging Flashpoint, people!!! Oh my god the CW really did it! At the end of last season of the Flash AKA Barry Allen went back in time and changed a crucial portion of his own personal history. Not only did this change affect his world, but all the shows on the CW. Plus, it was announced there would be a four way crossover on Flash, Arrow, Supergirl, and Legends of Tomorrow featuring the Legion of Doom! This season is going to be amazing!

2. Arrow Season Five on the CW

I will be truthful; I haven’t been a huge fan of Arrow. It’s been a little too melodramatic and cheesy for my taste. You could have a great drinking game counting the number of times the lead characters cross their arms and scowl thoughtfully into the camera. Nevertheless, season five presents an All New All Different Team Arrow. So with all the changes afoot in the CW now is a great time to check out Arrow. Plus, did I mention the Legion of Doom?!?!

1. Doctor Strange Trailer Two

Like Wonder, there has already been a quite serviceable animated Doctor Strange feature. However this new take on the good doctor’s origin looks fresh and exciting. Introducing magic into the Marvel Cinematic Universe is going to be a treat! I’m just as excited about this movie as I am about Stephen Strange’s further appearances in the rest of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

These were just a few of our favorite Comic-Con moments at Slickster. Feel free to tell us yours in the comments section below!

By the way, just so you know New York Comic-Con is going to be fucking bananas!

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