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UFC 200: Bones out, Spider in


Written by Derek Moody, July 7, 2016, at 11:52 p.m. Tweet to: @DerekMoody619

From day one, UFC 200 seemed to have been plagued. First, Conor McGregor doesn’t show up for media appearances so he was pulled from the card. That resulted in Nate Diaz being pulled from the card as well and they were the headliners.

Three days before the actual event, one of the new headliners, Jon Jones, got pulled for positive drug test dating back to June 16. His out-of-competition sample was flagged and is still being examined. So far, we know it’s a positive sample.

One of the greatest MMA fighters ever keeps finding ways to taint his legacy. The unquestionable number-one pound-for-pound fighter will once again be unranked. Jones can appeal but at the moment it hasn’t been disclosed what he was on.

Once again, Daniel “DC” Cormier was placed in an awkward position, eager to avenge his lone defeat. His loss to Jon Jones has haunted him since the decision was read by Bruce Buffer. This time around DC was beyond confident that he was going to wreck Jones but he’ll have to wait for that opportunity.

Momentarily, DC was left without a challenger and was on the verge of being pulled as well. Brock Lesnar vs Mark Hunt was promoted to the main event. This is the third match to be labeled the main event. Strange enough that there are still two other title fights on the card that the UFC felt weren’t strong enough to headline over Brock Lesnar’s name.

tatevsnunesThat changed after some deep thorough thinking about who’s deserving and who can entertain. It made sense that Miesha Tate, who’s defending an actual title, should headline against Amanda Nunes, because Aldo vs Edgar is only for the interim belt.

With Jon Jones off of the card, it presented a major problem, DC had no opponent for the biggest card of the year. Several fighters reached out to Dana White requesting to fight DC. Gegard Mousasi, Dan Henderson, Michael Bisping, Alexander Gustafsson and Anderson Silva all made strong cases as DC’s opponent.

The solution to the problem and winner of the bidding war to face DC was Anderson “The Spider” Silva. Jones and Silva are the two fighters who most often are tagged with the label G.O.A.T. (greatest of all time) so it’s a nice addition to have Silva replace Jones.

Silva is undefeated at 205 but he’s started to decline in the last few years. Silva can’t be underestimated because he does hold majority of the UFC records and his octagon IQ is well above average.

This should make for an interesting fight should DC decide to stand up with him. It’s apparent the smart move would be to strictly wrestle and grind Silva out. Chael Sonnen created a nice blueprint in his first fight with Silva even though he was caught in a triangle.

DC should aim for the same strategy and he’d more than likely coast into a victory. In a stand up battle, Silva has the speed and accuracy to pick DC apart. Silva might be lacking in power, as DC is a natural heavyweight.

Silva’s chin has diminished a bit but it’s more surprising that it’s held up so long over a 41-fight career. His chin has only allowed him to get knocked out once and he was playing around leading up to that. He was recently knocked down against Michael Bisping, which nobody saw coming. Silva has never been in danger as he’d let foes punch him repeatedly in the face to show they couldn’t phase him.

In this fight, that would be the wrong course of action because DC is definitely the strongest fighter he’s faced. A card that remains to be plagued may finally have a cure that’s going to stick. Hopefully, nothing else arises before Saturday night so we can enjoy the most stacked card in UFC history.

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