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Underground Rapper Spotlight: Boo Agee

Written by Dominic Wright, January 3rd, 2017, at 6:38 p.m. Tweet to: @Groovycap

Throughout this past weekend, I explored multiple artists with a different sound. Thanks to social media, I found a few artists. One artist who had a sound that drew me in effortlessly was, Boo Agee. An artist originally from Virginia but is now based in Atlanta, Georgia.

Winter of 2015, was my first-time witnessing Boo Agee. He was a fresh and new artist with an aspiration to have his music be taken seriously. At the time I had only heard about 2 or 3 songs from him. One of the songs being “We Livin”, which is one of his biggest hits on Youtube!

When I first listened to the song “We Livin”, I couldn’t help but think of an early Justin Bieber. While hearing the song and watching the video, the song/video to Justin Bieber’s “One Time” popped in my head. It sparked innocence within my soul listening to this song. Sort of like an explicit Disney Channel opening theme song for an original movie.

Last spring, was my first-time watching Boo Agee perform. Being that he was a new artist, I had absolutely no idea how he was going to perform. Watching people recite his lyrics back to him as he was saying them. Through his eyes, this must have been a moment that was bigger than him.

Since then, I have watched Boo Agee grow as an artist. With help from professionals, he was able to develop his sound to increase his audience. Throughout the summer, Boo released the song “Need Nobody”, which in turn helped him get radio play.

Overall, I really enjoy listening to Boo Agee’s music. He has grown together with his music, especially once he developed his sound. What I truly enjoy about his music is the effort and eternal passion that he has with it. Unlike many artists nowadays. He is not talking about violence or crime which made me pay more attention to him. If you are a person looking for a new artist to listen to, Boo Agee is the artist for you.



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