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Underworld: Blood Wars

Underworld: Blood Wars
Kate Beckinsale stars in Underworld: Blood Wars (2017).

1/11/2017, By: James Garibay. Underworld- A franchise that started when I was in high school back in 2003, and one that I have been following since.  So you can imagine the excitement that I felt last year when I saw that they were making another one.  Kate Beckinsale reprising her role as the fantastic and most powerful Death Dealer, Selene.  These movies, in my opinion, really put Kate Beckinsale on the map and skyrocketed her career.  After the first Underworld, she quickly became one of my favorites.

All my excitement aside, this movie is just kind of…meh.  Which irks me to say because I really enjoy these movies.  As the movie starts it shows little clips from the previous films and a voiceover from Selene to kind of bring us up to speed.  Selene is on the run because both vampires and Lycans are after her.  The vampires want her dead for killing Viktor, the vampire elder from the first movie.  The Lycans want her blood to lead to where her daughter.  Eve, Selene’s daughter is the first pure blood hybrid.  Eve’s blood can make the Lycans more powerful than they already are.  What more do they want, they can change at will!  There’s some betrayal of course, and a really cool twist involving Theo James’ character, David.

The fight scenes were great, but it seems like they were rushing through the main story to get to the fighting.  As much as I enjoy a good action sequence, it shouldn’t be the saving grace of a movie.  There is a vampire clan up in the northern regions, which is where Selene goes through her transformation.  It’s here that we learn about David’s twist.  It gets invaded by the Lycans of course and that sequence is awesome.  But like I said, rushed through the main story to get to the fighting.  It’s almost like the the director was doing a rip of a Michael Bay movie.  Action shouldn’t be the driving force a story, the story itself should be intriguing enough to do that job.

Selene’s transformation is another thing that kind of irked me.  In Underworld: Evolution, we see her go from being just a strong vampire to a powerful immortal that can withstand daylight, hence the subtitle “Evolution”.  In this they really just brush over what happens during the transformation.  In the northern coven, there are some vampires that do thing where they are wrapped up like mummies, dipped in this “spirit water” and then hung like bats.  Once hung they go into the metamorphosis stage.  Which sounds interesting, but they don’t fully explain how or why they are able to move so fast, or why their hair turns white.  I get that they were trying to say coming back from the spirit world can make you “see the world with new eyes”, however they don’t go into greater detail.  I like details to be fully developed in movies such as this.

All the other Underworlds were fully developed in their small details.  We got a full movie from the small details in the first two movies with “Rise Of The Lycans”.  But in Blood Wars, they focused so much on the “Wars”aspect of the film, that I think they overlooked the smaller details.  It had a decent story, don’t get me wrong, but the way they went about telling it, wasn’t the best for me.  Others may find it just fine.  There is betrayal, lust for power and how far one will go to gain absolute power.  The villains are pretty cool, and performances are great.  I love Kate Beckinsale in her black jumpsuit and corset.  I do wish that they would have kept her in the black trench coat, but I digress.  It’s not a terrible movie, but it’s not as good as the rest of the series.  Every franchise needs one that is not up to par.  Halloween has Resurrection, Nightmare on elm street has part 5 and 6, friday the 13th has part eight, Child’s Play has part 3 and so on and so on.  If they do more with Underworld, I’ll be there and hopefully it will better.

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