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Interview with Zach Davidson from Vendetta Red

 Here is a recent interview that I had, with the lead singer of Vendetta Red – Zach Davidson. He was a really great guy to work with, and I hope you guys enjoy it! 


First of I would like to say, I really appreciate you taking the time out of your busy schedule to do this interview with me, I am extremely grateful, and excited to work with you. lets have fun with this ok!

Hello and thank you so much for talking with me.”

Mike Lopez – First of a simple question, what inspired you to start a band?

Zach Davidson – I wanted to create a sound and capture a feeling that I rarely heard or felt. I knew I had music in my head that could make people feel adrenalized and inspired so I had to do it.”

Vendetta Red Between The Never and The Now
Album art for Between The Never And The Now

I love the imagery of your album “between the never and the now”, what inspired you to go with that particular style for your album cover? This also applies for your other album “ sisters of the red death”.

“Thank you very much. For “between the never…” We were trying to have the album art be interactive sort of like a treasure map within the artwork with hidden lyrics and little secrets.

For “sisters…” we initially wanted it to be like a mini bible but we didn’t have the budget and so we did an economical poster style layout instead.”

Vendetta Red Sisters Of... the Red Death
This is the cover for Sisters Of The Red Death


Speaking of “ Sisters of the red death “ what is the meaning of the title of the album?

“It is referential to a doomsday cult from early last century and is meant to evoke solidarity between women who want to take over the world.”

What would you say is your main influence when writing music?

“My main influence is other artists that I love. When I hear an amazing song I get inspired and My brain startz trying to reconfigure melodies and basically I have to pick up the guitar and write. ”

I am really curious as to what happened when you toured with ACDC, and I would like to know more about the situation from your point of view .

“We only did one show opening for AC/DC and they were fantastic. Probably one of the best bands of the classic rock era by far. Looking back on it I remember their fans hating us from the minute we walked on stage and calling me a “faggot” and screaming for us to get off stage before we even played a note so I went into the audience and started kissing dudes right from the first song. Needless to say we didn’t make any fans that night.”

Are you discourage when people don’t like your music?

“Honestly yes. I have always had a hard time getting people to like my music and It can be really depressing sometimes. At the end of the day I’m not just making music for myself or my ego, I sincerely want people to hear it and really get obsessed by it. Just like I do with my favorite artists.”

How do you make yourself known to new listeners? through social media? or touring with other bands who’s genres are different than your own?

“We are willing to try everything at this point and I’m so stoked to be working with a label again. I can’t wait to see what avenues of exposure we can uncover.”

What would you say , was your most favorite concert show you’ve performed?

“December of 2010 was our reunion and by far the best show Ive ever been a part of. I Finally felt the connection with an audience and the validation and appreciation that I’d been working for my whole life.”

Vendetta Red I heard, that y’all are releasing a new album soon, could you tell me more about it?also what was your most favorite part about making it ?

“Yes its coming out in the fall and We made some really fucking great songs. Sounds like us of course with genre hopping and experimentation right at the start and of course some signature soundscapes refined and expanded. I cant wait to hear what you think.”

Will you be touring for your new album soon? If y’all are what bands would you like to go on tour with ?

“We really really want to tour hopefully we can go out with rise against or something that would be a dream come true.”

What next for Vendetta Red?

Next we will be trying to make fans and play some killer shows.”


If you want to learn more about Vendetta Red, and their singer Zach please check out their website:

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As always please leave a comment down below, I absolutely love the feedback, and please support Zach, and his band Vendetta Red …they are awesome!.  And as always guys….peace!!

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