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Views From the Six album review

Views From the Six

Written by Adam Oakes, May 19, 2016, at 7:06 p.m.

There are a slew of things one may call Drake and have them hold true; a culture vulture, a love sick crybaby, a ghost-writer employee, hell, you can even call him Canadian! But one thing we shall never dare call Drake in good conscience is a fad, though many still insist. But who cares about opinions, because there are actually men who find Whoopi Goldberg sexually attractive.

Views From the Six Review

For the past six years, Drizzy Drake has been releasing commercially successful Albums. May 29, 2016, marks the release of his fourth studio effort, Views From the Six. While I cannot call this album a classic, I will say that it is a great work, nonetheless. Overall, in terms of lyrical substance and rapability, Views is definitely a step down from Drake’s previous work, but that doesn’t stop it from being a phenomenal album.

On Views From the Six, Drake has chosen to expand upon his R&B talents and please a larger demographic. While Drake certainly doesn’t rap with the same hunger and tenacity as seen on former works, such as Comeback Season, which is full of bars, the overall sonics have definitely improved from his previous projects.

Even though hardcore hip-hop fans will be upset at the lack of rap records on the album, I believe ultimately, Ovo has honed a sound that the average listener can enjoy. Songs like “One Dance” and “Controlla” are damn near impossible to dislike, with their catchy beats and gripping lines, while tracks like “Views From the Six” and “Weston Road Flows” give the emcee-junkies their fix.

Views” from October’s Very Own on Vimeo.

Views From the Six flirts with many different sounds. It often switches from rap, to pop, back to rap, and then a bit of dancehall. Put simply, Views isn’t an album solely for the rap fans who gave Drake his initial praise. It is an album for everyone. Views is cooked to feed the masses. Listeners from all recesses of music are sure to find a record they can seriously get down with.

Prior to the release, many rap fans argued that Views From the Six would mark the downfall of Drake’s career if it failed to be a “classic rap album.” Traditionally, hip-hop fans crave an underdog, a tale of struggle and woe, lyrical substance is a very definitive matter when concerning what gets called a Classic and the broken-hearted ballads delivered on Views just won’t cut it for most of them.

Although I agree, Views From the Six doesn’t have a classic feel; nevertheless I heavily disagree with the notion that it will proceed the downfall of Drake. But like I said, there are men who want to bed Whoopi Goldberg too.

Those hoping for the demise of The 6 God’s career will be disappointed.

Although Drake’s Views doesn’t have the Classical lyrical rap of Jay Z’s The Blueprint, Lamar’s To Pimp A ButterFly, or even 50’s Get Rich Or Die Trying, it somehow manages to sound better than all those albums. It is clear Ovo has chosen simplicity and sound over complexity and substance.

Despite what the hip-hop blogs are saying, Views has being widely received and loved by people all around the Globe. In fact, Views From the Six sold over a million units the first week and had just about every song on the album listing on the Billboard Hot 100.

The fact of the matter is that Drake makes great sounding music that people can relate to. Today, the average listener just wants something so catchy it’s infectious, and Drake has always delivered on that end. For this reason, he has continued to dominate the hip-hop industry consistently for six consecutive years. As long as Drake retains his ability to make eargasmic music, he will remain popular and the masses will continue to purchase and love his sonic creations.

Regardless of anyone’s opinions, it will hold true that Drake has continued to deliver Herculean feats of might in the rap game. He has managed to transcend rap and dive into pop, R&B, and even dancehall. Views has a little bit of something for everyone.

Even if Drake does lose popularity over the coming years, I myself and millions of others believe his career will be one to be remembered and his music shall speak for itself. If you want a great soundtrack to vibe out to for the coming months, you’ll love Views.

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