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Where is Nintendo going?

by RoyT3rry4 ay Wikimedia Commons
by RoyT3rry4 at Wikimedia Commons

Written by William Chandler Jr., August 11, 2016, at 12:20 p.m.

There are times you get what you want. You envision a scenario. It permits you to obsess about the physical manifestation of what could be. Suddenly, it is there. In Nintendo’s case, what exactly is their end objective?

At CNET, an article highlights all of the expectations of a console, the new Nintendo Entertainment System Classic Edition. It does not use cartridges; however, it does have a high definition multimedia interface cable for current televisions. This system comes with thirty games, though, it does not allow you to download games and does not permit you to use older game cartridges. It has a purpose.

Tech Radar reports, though still a rumor from the website Eurogamer, an article on the Nintendo NX. It is a new, portable, Nintendo device. It connects to the television. This handheld video game system will use cartridges, and has detachable controllers on each side of the device. With detached controllers, the system has a stand that will fold out from its screen. This all has its purpose.

IGN indicates the combination of consoles Nintendo Wii U and the NX will carry a game Zelda: Breath of the Wild. This is a large game, with great purpose. The game adores a fantastic physics engine, solid graphics, and makes the world of Zelda much bigger. Microsoft and Sony have their plans for the future. Nintendo’s are still in the rumor mill. My best guess with all of this?

The NES Classic Edition, at $60, will not be available until November 11. This console has controller ports for only the console’s controller, Wii Classic Controllers, or the Classic Pro Controller. This does not seem futuristic, at first. The message that it sends does. It is all about the games.

There are only a few ways to play the games, but they are direct. It is not in the way of Nintendo’s Wii, or Wii U. This direct play style matches the detachable controllers on this mystery console. It seems like an evolution of the Nintendo Wii U but indicates plans of a grander escapade. Zelda: Breath of the Wild will be on a cartridge. This expansive title makes a statement.

This could all come together, or fall apart. What happens to Nintendo’s Wii U? This is the only part of the equation that feels unfamiliar. It would seem Nintendo would have to give the Nintendo Wii U some specific games to set new expectations for a next generation. Zelda: Breath of the Wild is great, but should not be this console’s only new component.

At Wii U Daily, Nintendo’s plans for GamesCom 2016, a German video game trade show, includes some newer titles and updates on some former ones. You might wonder where the next Metroid, Mario, or other titles are. It would be nice to enjoy a new football, basketball, or other sports title. A great first person shooter would indicate a change in policy. However, Nintendo is quiet about all of it. We wait and see.


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