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I’m a yoga teacher but I’ll always be a “student’


I’m a yoga teacher but I’ll always be a “student’.


I began my yoga journey back in High school 10+ years ago. What started as just a slight interest turned into a passion later on. I’ve always been active, doing sports throughout my childhood kept me out of trouble and focused on school. When I graduated, I continued doing yoga bouncing around from studio to studio. It wasn’t until I came across a heated yoga studio in Carlsbad, CA that I met the most amazing group of teachers who were incredibly motivating, captivating and inspirational.

I started seeing changes in myself. I found myself creating new healthy habits that replaced old unhealthy ones. I began seeing how yoga wasn’t just about the poses, it was a way of life. Finding unity in everything and everybody. Seeing negative thinking turn into more positive thinking. Yoga has taught me to find a balance with all attributes of life. Now being human we all have “those days, ” but “those days” have become far and few between as I began moving forward with my passion in becoming a certified teacher.

Yoga pose at sunset on the beachI took the plunge in 2012, the opportunity arose and there was no chance in hell I was going to let it pass me by. Best decision I’ve ever made. Being a teacher is very rewarding and seeing lives being changed as mine has is the best feeling in the world, right there with falling in love. I starting loving myself more and more and in turn spread the love in everything I did. I found myself being the person I’ve always wanted to be. Now, just because I became certified doesn’t mean the journey ended there, it became a new beginning of always learning and sharing what I learn every chance I get. I will always be a student or I like to call it a sponge because I absorb all I can to spread it everywhere, to anyone, at any time.

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