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Lack of Motivation

Lack of Motivation

Lack of Motivation Getting fired up when you don't have a spark. You've got shit to do.  But you can't get 'er done.  Or you won't.  What difference does it make?  Which ever you chose, the end result is the same; shit just ain't getting done.  Here are some tips and tricks

Bio Hacking with Chef Joe: Hacking a Hangover 

Hacking a hangover

  I’ve been asked by numerous clients, friends, and readers to share exactly what is I do on a daily basis to burn fat, stay fit, and lead a high performance life style; these posts “Bio Hacking with Chef Joe” are the actual things I do on a daily basis to be the best version of

How to master your emotions

How to master your emotions

A Question Of Emotions Communication always involves an exchange of both facts and feelings. But in business situations, such as negotiations, people often overlook the importance of managing feelings and emotions – their own, but also those of their counterparts. Yet a successful netofiator needs to be not only a master

The Bar Fight Workout

Bar fight

November 27, 2016, at 12:57 p.m. You want to want to work out, right? Of course you do. Or at least you would like to want to work out. Maybe you have no reason to, most men don’t think they do. It’s very likely you're either married, never been in great

Would you go this far to live longer?

Would you go THIS FAR to Live Longer?

Would you go this far to live longer? Written by: Anna Lilia Perez 2/28/2016, 5:00 p.m. Tweet to: @AnnaLiliaPerez1   Eating healthy and exercising regularly should give us a better chance to live up to 80 years, but there are some who don’t mind going a little further (and a little stranger) to have a couple of years

What do you do after a workout?

What Do You Do After a Workout

What do you do after a workout? Written by: Anna Lilia Perez 2/24/2016, 5:00 p.m. Tweet to: @AnnaLiliaPerez1   It has recently come to my attention that I’m one of those people who, after a workout, I will do a quick stretch – if anything – and then storm out of the gym as fast as I can.

Week 1: Better, Faster, Stronger

Float tank meditation

Once again, this post assumes you have some knowledge or experience with flotation therapy. If you know nothing, here are a few good resources: Washington Post, Slate, Huffington Post.   So it's been a week now and I finally have a little time to layout the specifics of the project and its genesis. Bullet

What happens if you float for a month straight?


This post assumes you know something about Flotation Therapy AKA Sensory Deprivation, Float Tanks, Isolation Tanks, Floating and other super cool names. If you know nothing, please visit my site to learn more.  Essentially, the tanks are an environment created to induce the Theta brainwave and kick you into a state