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The Sleaze Box – Chris Woods interview

Chris Woods, The Sleazebox, profile

The Grindhouse of Today Chris Woods interview. Pushing the boundaries of sex and gore in underground horror. 12/10/2017 - Exploitation films of the 1960's, 70's and up until the 80's featured waton nudity and graphic realistic violence.  Then the 90's came along, and with access to cheap equipment hard core horror filmmakers

Siberian Prog Metal explodes on to the RADAR

Siberian Prog Metal 12/7/2017 - Tomsk, Siberia doesn't seem like a hotbed of guitar hero activity. But one man is working to change that.  Evgen Tsibulin is an up and coming prog metal virtuoso with something to prove.  On his latest single, Disquieting Time, he aims to to do just

Jaclyn Taylor porn interview

Jaclyn Taylor 03

Jaclyn Taylor 12/4/2017 -  Sex sells.  Every attempt has been made to censure sex, ignore, regulate, legislate, and condemn.  Yet, despite all of this, the simple fact remains.  Sex sells. One of the most popular porn stars currently is Jaclyn Taylor.  She has appeared in top shelf pornographic films produced by the

Mother Of Millions tours in support of new album

Mother of Millions, prog rock

Greek prog rockers release long awaited sophomore album. Concept albums are not a dead format. 11/28/2017 - Rise, Evolve.  These are the creedo of Mother of Millions.  Based out of Athens, Greece, the prog metal outfit has been around for quite awhile.  During this time they have maintained a solidified line up.

Gatorblade Films keeps grindhouse alive.

Gatorblade films, Sean Donohue 04

Tampa based director keeps grindhouse style films alive. Gore, nudity and shock value at forefront. Adults only.  11/27/2017- Sean Donohue is a director and film maker based out of Tampa, FL.  With such films as Death-Scort and other grindhouse worthy sleaze, he is growing a steady following online. It takes an indefeasible

HARDCORE Claymation – NSFW – WTF!?

Hardcore Claymation NSFW

Rock band Lydia Can't Breathe debuts a NSFW claymation video. Further proof that low budget doesn't mean bad. 11/15/17 - Now that Robot Chicken has won multiple Emmy awards, the door is wide open for edgy use of stop motion animation.  Rockers LCB have tapped into this with a new claymation video

Jupiter Down

PROG METAL is not DEAD South Carolina's Jupiter Down release a strong new instrumental progressive metal album. 11/13/2017 - Any aspiring guitarist who lived through 1980's wanted to be Joe Satriani.  Don't deny it.  'Satch' virtually created the entire new genre of instrumental rock guitar.  I can vividly remembering the very first

What makes a guitar riff heavy – The Reed Effect


Canadian rockers talk shop on crafting heavy guitar riffs. Dissecting what makes the best riffs. New album now available.  THE REED EFFECT released their EP "A Strange Curiosity", this Friday, Nov 10th. With all the hype around the new record  (Can we still say 'record'? Fuck it. I'm sticking with record.) we were