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An Interview with Ohio Natives – Playing to Vapors

Playing to Vapors

Playing to Vapors bring a big, ambient, sound that has all the feels. Their new record Shredding the Master Design is filled with skilled songwriting behind a tapestry of sound that is as catchy as it is rock n roll. Slickster recently say down with lead singer Lucas Harris to talk

Interview with Sam Vlasich from Red Sky Mary

This week I had recently had an interview with Sam Vlasich, the lead singer of a very great up and coming rock band named Red Sky Mary. He was nice enough to take the time out of his busy schedule, to do this interview with me. Please enjoy : Personally I

Interview with Zach Davidson from Vendetta Red

 Here is a recent interview that I had, with the lead singer of Vendetta Red - Zach Davidson. He was a really great guy to work with, and I hope you guys enjoy it!    First of I would like to say, I really appreciate you taking the time out of your

Aeraco interview with Spidey

aeraco, aeraco band

7/14/2017 - Can you briefly tell the story how Aeraco got together? What does the band name mean? Well it originally started with me (Spidey) and Misfit years ago when we were kids. After years went by, we went through a few change ups and finally recruited Ace. Beast came along shortly

Strip Club Massacre Interview Part 2

Strip Club Massacre Interview Photo

6/13/2017 - Bob Clarke and Bruce Kilroy over at Reel Bloody Films have released their first feature length film, Strip Club Massacre.  We picked up on this during production and ran a short interview with the gore duo. Now that the movie has been released we picked up the phone

Talking with Up and Coming Brooklyn Artist Ju$$-B

I recently had the opportunity to speak with an up and coming Brooklyn born artist Ju$$-B, who discussed his influences, style, and plans for the future with Slickster Magazine. Ju$$-B hopes to set himself apart from the rest of the pack and make a real impact on the musical world,

Gloom Influx releases first album

Gloom Influx album cover

6/1/2017 - Thank you to everyone who has offered their support of the synthwave coverage we've had on Slickster Magazine. For those of you who have been following our trail of synth wave artists, Gloom Influx is next among them.  Gloom Influx is Luc Leclerc.  He sent us an advance copy of