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Strip Club Massacre Interview Part 2

Strip Club Massacre Interview Photo

6/13/2017 - Bob Clarke and Bruce Kilroy over at Reel Bloody Films have released their first feature length film, Strip Club Massacre.  We picked up on this during production and ran a short interview with the gore duo. Now that the movie has been released we picked up the phone

Talking with Up and Coming Brooklyn Artist Ju$$-B

I recently had the opportunity to speak with an up and coming Brooklyn born artist Ju$$-B, who discussed his influences, style, and plans for the future with Slickster Magazine. Ju$$-B hopes to set himself apart from the rest of the pack and make a real impact on the musical world,

Gloom Influx releases first album

Gloom Influx album cover

6/1/2017 - Thank you to everyone who has offered their support of the synthwave coverage we've had on Slickster Magazine. For those of you who have been following our trail of synth wave artists, Gloom Influx is next among them.  Gloom Influx is Luc Leclerc.  He sent us an advance copy of

Fixions Genocity

Fixions Genocity

Oracle Rouge  28 April 2017 Slo, thanks for taking your time to talk to Slickster Magazine.  How is the health of the EDM music scene in France? Thanks to you man, well I think the French electro scene is still one of the best worldwide, one of the few things we can

One on one with Bellator’s Emily Ducote

Emily Ducate MMA fighter, WMMA, Bellator, Armbar

5/20/2017, By Ray Vann Jr. - Contact: Emily Ducote is a Bellator MMA fighter in the women's flyweight division.  At the time of the this article Ducote has a record of 5 wins, 2 losses and no draws.  Of her wins, 3 were by submission, and 2 by decision.  Both of Ducote's

Pandemonium, Timestalker’s second album and interview

Pandemonium, Timestalker

Pandemonium, Timestalker's second album and interview. Like it or hate it, #synthwave is catching on around the world.  Continuing on with our trend of interviewing these musicians, this week we spoke with Timestalker.  The newest album is his second and composed, produced and mixed by Timestalker, mastered by Volkor X, guitar

Interview: Paul McCoy – 12 Stones

12 Stones

5/10/2017 - Hello, my name is Mike Lopez and below is an interview I conducted with the lead singer of 12Stones - Paul McCoy . Mike Lopez - First of I would like to start of this interview with a simple question….. Do you have any misconceptions of your band that you