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QuikDate Game Review

QuikDate: Prescribing Grains of Salt

2/7/2016, 10:00 a.m. – There are many kinds of games available out there in the world. You’ve got your full length 80-hours-or-more games that require such dedication and determination to play all the through. Mini-games found inside a much bigger game or as a stand-alone with much less time or effort needed to play through. Then there’s micro-games, when you’re just in no mood to play a game but still would like some sort of visual stimulation and you’re afraid Netflix will pull you into your next 20-hour binge of watching your favorite TV show.

That’s where games like QuikDate come in! A date-site simulator that captures pretty well the rougher, blunter parts of putting yourself out there in the cyber world looking for your next Mr. or Mrs. Right. Emulating off of websites like OkCupid, you answer a few silly questions, get your personal appearance and yearly income randomized, and you’re ready to shoot a like or dislike in the very-virtual virtual world of QuikDate.

Dr. Love is your wingman on your adventures providing very helpful tips (albeit, rhetorically useless) about how to improve your chances of being liked or matching up. I’m not going to spoil any gimmicks here but let’s just say that your potential matches are not going to pull punches with your “feelings.”

QuikDate Game screen Dr. Love
Hey! I’ll have you know my cardboard box is a duplex I found outside of HOME depot… elitist…

FAIR WARNING! This game is a satire, a parody. It is NOT meant to be taken seriously and, as such, if you are easily offended, move along, this micro-game isn’t for the weak-willed. There is a reason your physical attributes are randomized and that is so that you don’t become attached to your “avatar” in any way, resulting in taking some of the harsher comments personally.

It’s a game that will really take up a few minutes of your time, as there’s not much else to do than like, “message” the rotten apple of your eye, or go to the next match. It’s a simulator, were you expecting a dating sim along the lines of Catherine? Although, since this game is still in development, it could possibly go further in future builds. Very notable are the visuals, the game is presented in a very cute way, which balances out it’s cruel nature (and I will ironically say that with love).

The game is on a “name your price” basis, so you can choose to support the developer at the link below and give the game a round or two. If you’re the curious type, to see if this really does capture the nitty-gritty of online dating, give it a look. Guy or girl, don’t take this game too seriously, we have the real world of online dating to crush your spirit for you!

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