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The Name Doesn’t Matter Podcast Episode 1

The Name Doesn't Matter, #TNDM

Ya know what's awesome? Video Games. Know what's almost as awesome? Slickster Magazine is happy to announce the start of The Name Doesn't Matter: The newest podcast focused on gaming news and controversies around the world. Hosted by Slickster editor Tanner Banks and JJ Mangold the duo talk about what

NBA Will Stream G League Games on Twitch

Get ready NBA fans. Get ready for all the PogChamps and KreyGasms while you watch the NBA G League. Because starting December 15th the NBA G League will broadcast their games on Twitch. The NBA's minor league teams will receive a major boost in visibility while also delving into more

Mutant Football League Review

Mutant Football League Review Who's ready to spill some blood and guts on the gridiron? Because one of the defining classic sports titles from the Sega Genesis has returned! That is correct, Mutant Football League has returned as a spiritual successor to the original series. By Digital Dreams Entertainment, Mutant Football League

FCC Announces Roll Back of Net Neutrality

Net Neutrality

On November 21st, 2017 FCC Chairman Ajit Pai released a draft on repealing net neutrality laws. The two page. Titled CHAIRMAN PAI CIRCULATES DRAFT ORDER TO RESTORE INTERNET FREEDOM AND ELIMINATE HEAVY-HANDED INTERNET REGULATIONS announced that it will be voting on the draft of Restoring Internet Freedom Order on december

Kick Ass Kickstarter: Cosmo’s Quick Stop

Cosmo's Quick Stop

I always dreamed that one day I would run my own gas station. Turns out, you can do that today! Only in space! That's right, the award-winning Cosmo's Quick Stop is our newest addition to kick ass kick starter. You may remember them for winning most addicting game when we

The importance of Narrative in Video Games 

video game narrative

  The video game is the ultimate form of media. A combination of film, music, books, and interactivity rolled into one package. At least, that is the ideal for video games. Other times it can be a few simple button pushes and haptic feedback. Many narrative-driven games today are criticized for being nothing